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Since it was established in June 2011, the Ethiopian Cadet Programme with Döhle has become a success story with the now nearly 100 Ethiopian seafarers being employed within the Group. This achievement has only been possible with the great support and trust from all participants. One particular success story has been the experiences of Fekadu Bejiga Guda, now a 3rd Engineer who recently sailed on the MV AGLAIA. He joined Döhle in May 2012 as Engine Cadet gaining many first time experiences of life on board which was not always easy being away from home and working with different people from different countries and cultures. After some time he learned to adapt himself and learn how to work in a team and exchange cultural experiences. One of the most interesting life experiences on board was while serving on MV MAULLIN, sailing between South America and Mexico when the crew saved three fishermen whose boat had capsized after drifting too far from shore due to bad weather. All the crew was very happy to be rescued, reminding all seafarers the importance of safety drills on board.

During his last vacation Mr. Guda was happily married which he celebrated in typical Ethiopian style together with all the family and friends. His plans for the future are to become one day Chief Engineer at the company and to improve his family’s life. Mr. Guda would like to personally thank all crew on board with whom he has sailed with over the years, who spent the time to teach him and share their experiences together. Furthermore, he is extremely grateful to Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG for supporting him over the years in developing his career in every way.


By: Marcus Field & 3rd Engineer Fekadu Bejiga Guda 


Endalkachew Tessema Demug - My Life Journey

My name is 3/E Demug, Endalkachew Tessema and I was born on December 4th 1988 in one of the ancient city of Ethiopia called Harar, where I grew up and went to school. When I was kid my dream was to become a pilot, at that time I never thought I will become a seaman but even before I joined an Engineering Department I liked working on practical and technical things. This encouraged me to join the Maritime Training Academy. The Marine Engineering profession was unfamiliar because Ethiopia is landlocked and we do not have a port.

On April 22nd 2012 I officially graduated from the Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute as Engine Cadet. Then I got the chance to join RHL, Reederei Hamburger Lloyd, which was great.

On August 8th, 2012 I joined my first vessel RHL Astrum for a sixth months training contract. Everything was new for me at that time. Engine Cadets have to complete 12 months of sea service before they are eligible to become a 4th and/or 3rd Engineer, so I joined my second vessel, RHL EILBEK for another 6 months. During both contracts I got a lot of practical experience and the whole crew was willing to teach me everything I wanted to learn. There was always a great team spirit amongst the crew.

During my second contract on board of the RHL Eilbek I received a recommendation for promotion from the Chief Engineer. After that, I went back to our academy in Ethiopia where I took the junior officer exam and I successfully passed. The entire log book assignments, practical and technical jobs which I worked on whilst on board, the refreshment classes at the academy were a great help for my exam. Having my COC in hand, I was promoted to 3/E and I am happy to be a part of the RHL seafarer pool. So far I had three contracts as a junior officer, all my contracts were great and I learned a lot. I am very interested in working with a multinational crew as it is a great experience for life.

When I am on board, I like to spend my free time with watching movies, reading, playing table tennis and basketball, while spending some time with my crew companions.

During my last vacation RHL gave me the chance to participate in the cadet selection from the latest batch. We held the interview on April 27th, 2016 at the academy in Ethiopia. I represented RHL supported by Ms. Patricia Heiden from the EMA Hamburg office. We interviewed 10 cadets and we selected those who we thought performed well in communication ability, personality, theoretical and technical knowledge, additionally I selected the cadets according to my experience within the company. I hope they will be an asset and show their ability in becoming part of the team.

Finally, I would like to thank God who has always helped me, my family who always stands behind me during my life journey, with special thanks to RHL, Mr. Thorsten Hamann in particular who always looks after us together with the EMA and EMTI Staff. I wish safe sailing for all my friends and seafarers.


Endalkachew Tessema Demug
3rd Engineer – Reederei Hamburger Lloyd

Picture Endalkachew Tessema Demug



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