The Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute (EMTI S.C.)

EMTI works in close partnership with EMA Marine who is the manning agency for the Ethiopian seafarers, operating through its offices in Hamburg, Athens and Addis Ababa, works with clients to provide them job opportunities with some of the best shipping companies world-wide.


The Academy prepares its Cadets by exposing them to highly qualified and experienced instructors. Our staff are derived from a variety of nations and backgrounds, and have achieved senior-level positions during their careers. We see this diversity as an instrumental part of familiarizing our Cadets to the new cultures & environments that they will inevitably encounter while at sea. 

Our courses are designed to bridge the divide between theoretical classroom studies with practical simulation & lab work. It is this combination that allows our Cadets to excel while onboard. 


The Academy is further developing its 22-hectare campus on the shores of Lake Tana. Cadets are provided with full accommodations during their studies, including housing and meals. All of our Cadets live together in dormitories and are expected to work and live together as a unit.

Together with world-class classrooms, workshops, electronic laboratories, library, and watercraft equipment, our Cadets are offered the best possible marine training. 

Workshops & Labs 

The Academy has installed state-of-the-art equipment for our Cadets to utilize during their studies. We offer a fully-housed Workshop that includes an operational marine auxiliary engine, various onboard mechanical instruments, and welding & fitting equipment. This practical training is also facilitated in the Academy's engine simulation room. The technology is provided by one of the industry's leading training simulation developers, ARI Simulation.

Electro-Technical Cadets undertake training in the Academy's extensive electronic and electrical laboratories. This exposes these ETO Cadets to many of the onboard components, and prepares them for the necessary technical understanding to operate sophisticated electronic and electrical systems. In particular, ETO Cadets are trained in the area of high-voltage systems, and are instructed on the operation of a high-voltage switchboard manufactured by ABB. 

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