Engine Cadets and Officers

All of the Engine Cadets begin their studies at the EMTI Training Academy only after having graduated from an accredited Ethiopian University holding their mechanical engineering degree. Their studies at the Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute prepare them for a life at sea. Cadet candidates are carefully selected from a pool of the country's most competitive young minds.

Upon graduating from the Academy, our graduates embark on a long career with our client ship managers. After 12 months of sea time they are eligible to promotion as Officers and can continue with their career progression in accordance with good performance and having necessary experience.


Electro-Technical Cadets and Officers (ETO)

With the increasing electronic and electrical sophistication of seagoing vessels, the industry is in great demand for high-quality Electro-Technical Officers. EMA is well suited to provide shipmanagers with such expertise. All of EMA Marine's Electro-Technical Officers are graduates of electrical engineering university degree programs. Their studies at the EMTI Training Academy prepare them for a life at sea. The Academy only recruits the most competitive candidates.

Upon graduating from the Academy, our Electro-Technical Cadets serve onboard for a period of 6 months before they are eligible for promotion to the Officer rank. These Electro-Technical Officers (ETOs) are highly trained in ship electronics, automation, and high-voltage electricity.

Ratings (Engine & Deck)

Due to the increased demand of additional labor support onboard, EMA Marine sources quality Engine & Deck Ratings candidates for its clients. Our Ratings are graduates of trade schools in Ethiopia, who have completed the necessary seafarer familiarization courses at the Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute. 



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